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Photo Holidays in the Alps
"away from it all"

Exclusive Photo Holidays in the Alps – “away from it all”

Tailor-made winter photo holidays in the Alps – “away from it all” offers anything but a generic, off-the-shelf vacation!

Catch not only glimpses but actual snapshots of the overwhelming beauty of a snow-covered alpine landscape while experiencing your all-exclusive photo holidays: the Matterhorn at sunrise, the glistening, pristine beauty of snowy slopes in the midday sun, … Set out on an unforgettable design journey into the high mountains with “away from it all”!

Book Your Bespoke Winter Photo Holidays Right Now!

“away from it all” lets you design your personal winter photo holidays in the mountains with just a few clicks.

Click the “make a note” button and select your preferred choices from the listed hotel categories, activities, and services by clicking on the respective “add” icons. Of course you can remove any chosen items just as easily. The price calculator in the upper left-hand corner will keep track of the total cost in real time. Add as many items to the list as you wish. Once you’re done, send us your completely non-binding enquiry. We will get back to you with an individual offer within 24 to 48 hours. Give it a try!

Make a note: your luxury photo holidays in the Alps! »

The “Twin Peak” area between Matterhorn and Mont Blanc is a true gold mine for both professional and amateur photographers. The mountain ranges and two of Europe’s highest peaks offer plenty of spectacular sceneries to be captured on camera. Furthermore, the area is the most snow-reliable region of the Alps: Pristine landscapes covered in snow and elegant/graceful formations of ice provide magnificent backdrops for nature photographs that you will want to proudly show to your friends later.

To make your winter photo holidays a full success, we will organize photo hikes: A local professional photographer will lead you to the most beautiful places in the area. Your guide is familiar with all major viewpoints as well as a number of rather hidden spots, offering you great opportunities to go looking for the best photo sceneries. We will even arrange an aerial photo shoot from inside a helicopter – nothing is impossible!

Photo Holidays and More: Your High-End Journey with “away from it all”

“away from it all” puts you in charge of designing your own vacation in the Alps according to your personal preferences – this is what we consider a luxury holiday! Our convenient online trip configurator includes a list of several exquisite hotels and lodges as well as a selection of varied and exciting activities which you can freely mix and match to create your very own alpine photo holidays.

Of course, a stay in the mountains during the winter lends itself to skiing: Set out on a ski safari and discover the most beautiful slopes of the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps. You can also go heli-skiing – the “Twin Peak” region offers more than 60 helicopter landing spots and over 100 suitable downhills. Other popular winter activities include:

  • visiting a cowbell manufactory
  • spending a night glamping
  • hot-air balloon flights
  • gourmet skiing
  • and many more!

“We create memories.” Look through our exclusive selection of accommodation and events and decide which ones will make your photo holidays in the mountains an unforgettable experience!

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